Whats the best way to build an audience for your art?

Hey, I am a student who is looking for someway to break into the arts community and maybe gain enough clients to start selling some of my artwork more regularly. I have tried a few social media platforms for my art but my audience never seems to reach the level I have seen others get to.
I have had a few comissions and have been involved in a few exhibitions, but would love to make this a full time job, any advice is welcome.
ps: the image below is some of my artwork let me know what you think :)


  • Hey Scarlett,

    I see that a lot of people here have already mentioned social media. I'd say that depending on the demographic of your audience, market them only on the social media channels you know they use (eg Linkedin and Facebook).

    Word of mouth is a valuable tool. I've found that a recommendation from a previous client is always the best way to get new clients.

    All the best!
  • @Tom Gravestock Yeah, actually I tend to enjoy random things on instagram, like Japanese cyclists or Russian surfing photos! Looking at the creative stuff makes my brain hurt! Nice to chat to you too!
  • @Linsey M Hi, Lindsey yeah I sell prints via saatchiart at saatchiart.com/scarlettanderson I do have an Instagram aswell where I show mostly my work in progress and what I get up to on my costume design course. My instagram handle is Scarlettandersonartist :)
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  • @Tom Pearce I agree Tom. I was thinking much the same recently. Most of what you will see doing well on Instagram is thematic stuff. Viewers are looking for their daily hit of cats or whimsical art or death metal, motorcycles or kitsch and such. Instagram treats art as an accessory. A hat or a scarf or an item to complete your look. I don't have too many followers but every time I make a sharp turn I lose a few! And then gain a few. It's not a barometer to steer your career by but it is a great place to test run your work. Nice chatting with you T.

  • @Tom Gravestock Yeah, I suppose I was thinking of Instagram in particular. I don't really get any work from there though, except from close friends who see my work.
  • @Tom Pearce I agree somewhat with that. Although it must feel like a death sentence after a while. Condemned to repeat the same thing over and over. I have a broad approach to style and I allow a lot of different elements to wander into the frame. It's a longer road but over time I think you can see what I'm getting at. If you are strictly pursuing commerce sticking with one style is probably the best way to go. If it's a good style.
  • I think think social media has to be super focussed and consistent, you can't change what you do, like stick to a style. I find that really hard personally but I think it's important

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