Scarlett Anderson

Scarlett Anderson

Costume Designer, character designer and illustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Scarlett Anderson

Scarlett Anderson

Costume Designer, character designer and illustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
A costume designer, artist and illustrator from London, I am currently studying for my Masters degree at LCF. I should mention that I have a flair for the unusual, my work is often inspired by a unique perspective due to the many rabbit holes of research I find myself falling into. Literature, geology and contemporaray societal studies are just some of the influences on my pieces. I would consider myself a perfectionist, in that I create a vision and enjoy the process of making these a reality. I have had my work exhibited in many venues in and around London, such as train stations, and theatres, and awarded for contributions to the education estabilishments I have attended. I am working freelance whilst I am studying for my degree and am open for any opportunities that come my way :)
  • Miranda, from Shakespeare's the Tempest
    Miranda, from Shakespeare's the TempestMiranda's horizon filming complete! With the lovely @its_just_me_izzyy (who you can find on instagram) embodying the character during filming, as Miranda from an adapted version of Shakespeare's the Tempest, which I have based during 50AD at the time of the Roman conquest and the fall of the druids. Miranda is the daughter of Prospero (the main protagonist or in some cases antagonist of the play) she is a bit of a wild child with attitude, she has been over protected by her father, still bel
  • Grace
    GraceArtistically Inspired by the wotk of Gustav Klimt, Samuel Palmer and Madge Gill, this personal piece juxtaposes the past from the future using family as the epicentre for this. Grace is a name that occurs in our family often, with a daughter named this in every generation. For Grace. Original Created:2016 Subjects:Portrait Materials:Paper Styles:Abstract ExpressionismExpressionismIllustrationPortraitureImpressionism Mediums:Ballpoint PenInkMarkerPaintWatercolor
  • Selene
    SeleneInspired by the goddess of the same name ✨️
  • Dysmorphia
    Dysmorphiaa portrayal of the reality of body dysmorphia, wherein a person feels or sees themselves as inperfect or different to what they actually are and is a mental health issue that effects many young people, especially young women everyday. Original Created:2019 Subjects:Fashion Materials:Paper Styles:DadaIllustrationModernPop ArtPortraiture Mediums:Ballpoint PenInk
  • David 2020
    David 2020A parody of the famous statue, 'david 2020' is haphazardously wearing a mask during the covid pandemic, a kind of spoof at the idea of an inanimate object, needs to protect itself from a virus. Original Created:2019 Subjects:Men Materials:Paper Styles:DadaIllustrationModernPop ArtPortraiture Mediums:Ballpoint PenInk
  • Drowning in a sea of red
    Drowning in a sea of redA mixed media piece inspired by my emotional state during the completion of my fashion design degree, drowning in a beautiful, but ever growing sea of expectation and responsibility. Original Created:2019 Subjects:Fashion Materials:PaperCardboardPlastic Styles:AbstractIllustrationPop ArtPortraiture Mediums:PaperPaintPlasticInkBallpoint Pen
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Work history
    Costume designerSelf Employed
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Costume DesignerLCF
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I am a student studying for my masters degree here at ual
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    Master of Arts (MA)LCF
    London, United Kingdom
    I am currently studying costume design at LCF finding that my nack for research and illustration are heavily praised here, I am creating pieces inspired by historical literature to be relevant to contemporary audiences and loving every second of it.
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Buckinghamshire new university
     - United Kingdom
    At Buckinghamshire new university I studied fashion design, this gave me the nessesary skills to tailor clothing and work efficiently in the fashion industry environment. It was here that I discovered my love for research and developed my creative skills to the point of professionalism