When was the last time you thought about sound and why?


  • Every day I wake up under the wide-open window. But it is so routine to me that I don't hear singing birds anymore. I know it is a beautiful experience. Especially at the beginning of the summer. Then I count the birds by recognizing their sounds and position them in 3D space. I am focusing on how they contribute to the overall song of many birds in one area and how they communicate. One verse is impacting next verse of other bird, etc...
  • I was by the seaside yesterday, and in the morning (5am) a whole bunch of screeching seagulls woke me up. I was lying in bed, and trying to work out how many 'layers' of gulls I could hear, and tried to listen and spot out the ones that were the furthest away.

    Hope that helps? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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