• For me, reading and researching the most random things and other industries and sciences usually prep your mind to pick up and take notice of stuff and help you connect the dots sometimes when answering a brief.
  • Ideas come from anywhere.

    For me, overhearing part of a conversation when I pass someone on the street can trigger an idea. Reading a book can help me find the words I didn't know I needed. Flicking through headlines in a magazine can spark a slogan I was struggling to write. The list goes on because the list is long - ideas come from anywhere.

    Don't stare at a blank screen hoping something will happen - just live life and listen up. Something will come from somewhere.
  • Hey Olubunmi,

    For a while now I have been working with the often used quote:

    "inspiration is for amateurs"

    Seems harsh, but I actually think it provides a really useful mindset for people in the creative industries. We need to create systems and processes in our professional lives, that reflect on and mimic the process of inspiration - making the passive into an action.

    That 5pm deadline isn't going to wait for a bolt of lightning to strike!

    We do, however, spend every moment of our creative lives collecting and storing references and ideas, which we call upon to make choices about our work. Call it intuition, gut-instinct, taste - these choices will guide the far more effecient process of ideation, development and selection than waiting for inspiration to strike.

    Good luck!

  • Ideas come up depending on the topic you are working on. If I just need inspiration, then personally for me it is outdoor (forest/parks, people), internet or even observing an object at home.
  • First is observation, something that sparks your attention, then we walk away from it and start doing other thing, by being "distracted" our intuition rises forward, because in the silence we make conections that we couldnt do it if we were still focusing on the first observation. Also if we isolate ourselves from any kind of stimulation( meditation, watching without judging, breathing in or breathing out, taking a bath, learning from others example), our brains wonders, and in that moment every path to creativity and intuition opens up to ourselves and in that moment we aceppt every possibility and everything becomes possible. Hope this helps ;)

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