Working with a Muslim startup brand and looking for creatives to collaborate/hire for upcoming projects. Predominately (Video & Photo).

Currently, on the look out for various types of Muslim creatives to involve on briefs for a startup client. Immediate projects focus on Video and Photo but down the line, we will want to work with other skillsets too!

Please share your portfolio and social links below and I'll keep them in mind for briefs I am working on.


  • @Zainab Khan hi
    hope you're doing well.

    we're currently looking for Muslim creatives as well for a good cause/project. I would really appreciate it if you could contact me as I don't see a chat icon on this platform.
  • Hi I am really interested in this opportunity. I am currently redesigning my website so if you need to contact me please do at or my instagram at @sanacashmiriproductions. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hii, reach me via email
    I'd be pleased to help
  • Hello Zainab,
    Thanks for sharing this Oportunity
    kindly check my portfolio
    Have a nice day!
  • Hi Zainab,
    I'm a creative photographer and have a lot of work around Muslim Women.
    Here's my instagram with some work!
  • Hi there,

    I'm a Videographer with photography experience as well.

    I have my own equipment, and edit using Adobe Creative Cloud.

    The following is a link to my online portfolio:


    Would love to get involved.

    Kind regards,
  • At the very beginning, let me introduce you to Triangle Films India.
    We are a production company based out of Bangalore, India and we provide
    end to end solution from Pre-production, Production & Post-production
    We do Scripting ,Creative print ads ,TV Commercials, Corporate ,
    Feature films, Digital films, Motion Graphics, VFx, 2D & 3D Animation.
    Our USP is QSE i.e. Quality, Speed & Experience.
    We believe in creativity and uniqueness; we give your imagination a touch of reality.
    We believe in quality; the one that visually appeals to people.
    We believe in speed: We can assure you the best quality within the specified deadline.


  • Hello @Zainab Khan , would a writer do? I'm also working on my startup if that helps.
  • Hi @Zainab Khan

    My name is Mariano Pagella, I'm a multidisciplinary designer and art director. I work from my studio Vasty based in Barcelona.
    I also work creating create set designs & tactile projetcs and have a photograpy studio at home to shoot them.

    Feel free to check out my portfolio at:

    Note: All the work that looks 3D it's real, it's been photographed.

    Tthis is my email:
  • Hello
    I would be interested.

    My showreel

    My websitev

  • Thanks everyone for sharing your information! At the moment, we are looking for Muslim creatives (sorry if that wasnt clear in the ask / info box). Will keep all these profiles in mind for other ideas / projects.

  • Hello Zainab,
    I'd love to find out more about your upcoming projects. Please do send me a message with more information. My website is and instagram @emmatsrobinson
    It would be great if you could keep me in mind for suitable projects.
    best wishes, Emma
  • Hey Zainab

    I’m a freelance graphic designer and love working on new projects with entrepreneurs.

    You can see my work here:

    Let me know if you think my style would suit!


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