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Join this drawing workshop focused on wellness. This event is for new and returning Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon students only.
This event is part of the UAL Big Welcome 2023 and is for new and returning Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon students only.

Meeting point 20 September: Camberwell reception area, 10.30am

Meeting point 21 September: Wimbledon reception area, 10.30am

At Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon this year we are connecting welcome with wellness. In this Drawing Lab session we will be drawing ‘weeds’ -  wild plants that have grown within meters of the college with no human permission.

The essence of this workshop is the anticapitalist discipline of not shaping our behaviour, with the intent of making an object of value (a beautiful, ‘good’, strong, challenging, powerful or loose drawing - pick your adjective!).

We will attempt to refrain from predetermining what we want from the drawing or what we want it to look like. Instead we will use the activity of drawing as a means of sustaining open-minded attentive observation, and to see the byproduct of this process (the piece of paper with marks on it) as a residue, full of wonderful evidence of what occurred  in us while we were carefully looking at a specific piece of nature. 

Drawing from nature as meditation: a practice of communion with existence via responsive mark making.

Drawing Lab is a drawing research project set up by artist and educator Charlotte Mann .


Attendees — 10

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Big Welcome: Drawing for wellnessLondon, United Kingdom