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Dublin, Ireland

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Stress is commonplace in society today. All of the daily demands we face are pushing us to live lives that are superficial and disconnect us from our greater potential. While we cannot avoid the pressures of life, we can change our reaction to it.

In honor of April being Stress Awareness Month learn how to implement some simple practical solutions and techniques into your daily life. You will begin to thrive not just survive in your ever changing world. Dealing with stress is key to having a positive work-life balance.

During this 40-minute session, each participant will be able to identify the causes, signs and symptoms of stress. In addition, they will be provided with techniques to decrease their stress levels along with good practical tips to assist them both in the workplace and their personal lives.

This event is taking place live from Dublin, Ireland. Please calculate the time difference if joining from elsewhere.
About the Host:

Elizabeth Whelan is a health and well-being expert. Through her company ‘Zestivo’ Elizabeth assists individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to promote health and well-being at home and in the work place

Elizabeth is a mentor, motivational speaker, life coach and holistic therapist who uses her qualifications and experience to create bespoke solutions and create a positive focus for individuals and companies.

With over 35 years’ experience in retail, training, coaching and holistic therapies Elizabeth brings a unique perspective on health and well-being.
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Attendees — 13

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Eliminate Stress & Anxiety with ZestivoDublin, Ireland