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Outdated site search is letting your customers down, and costing you business. Here's why.

Major search engines have evolved continuously over the past two decades, in an ongoing effort to provide a better experience for today’s users. By contrast, investment in site search, i.e. searches conducted by customers on a company or brand’s own website, has not kept pace. As a result, outdated and underperforming site search technology is costing many businesses and brands in lost sales and reduced consumer trust.
According to recent research from Yext, 88% of UK adults say site search is important in providing them with accurate and up-to-date information, which would make it a top priority for marketers then, right? Wrong. Over half (56%) of customers believe site search provides them with unrelated search results and 38% of UK adults who use site search become frustrated at least once a week. A further 40% of respondents believe that businesses aren’t doing enough to improve their site search.
In this session, The Drum, in association with Yext, will bring together leaders in the space for a roundtable discussion, highlighting how poor site search is letting down businesses and customers alike. They will examine the next-generation of natural language site search, built for the needs of the 21st century customer in the age of AI and how brands can update their most precious digital asset with the modern search experience customers crave.

This session will explore
  • The evolution of the customer buying journey - but why not site search?
  • The issues around how site search has become the ‘forgotten man’ of UX
  • Advances and current tech trends in site search
  • How businesses can assess their current ‘site search’ fitness and improve their site search experience for customers.
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  • Jenni Baker, commercial editor, The Drum
  • Stephen Kenwright, CCO and co-founder, Rise at Seven
  • Jon Buss, managing director, EMEA, Yext
  • Omi Sido, senior technical SEO, Canon Europe


Attendees — 26

Learn why outdated site search is letting your customers down, & costing you business