Creative business solutions to power positive social impact

London, United Kingdom



Creative business solutions to power positive social impact. Constance is a future-facing agency – in response to the shift in consumer desire for sustainable and responsible projects, we curate dynamic campaigns that deliver positive value for both business and society. We fuel our partnerships with film, fashion, photography, music, art and literature, as we believe that great culture and creativity remain the most powerful way to engage all audiences. With access to an extensive network of creatives, consultants, media partners and PR experts, Constance hand-picks a bespoke design and delivery team for each project. This approach ensures unrivalled expertise and the most powerful results for each partnership. • Creative brand partnerships - investing our clients in beautiful, engaging brand solutions that make a difference. • Marketing and media solutions - positive solutions should be shared, therefore our projects are expertly designed to recruit media able to widely distribute our messages. • Business development and strategy - building company values and identity - research concludes that a brand's reputation will thrive when their principles make a stand on social issues. • Campaigns and content creation - harnessing the creative solutions media model to deliver long-term, high-impact campaigns. • Funding and sponsorship - developing valuable commercial partnerships and fundraising initiatives to support good causes.

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