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Cinesthesia is experimenting with art in public space

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The Social Cooperative Enterprise Cinesthesia was founded in 2015 on the initiative of curator Filia Milidaki and is based in Syros Ermoupoli Municipality. Its objectives are the development and promotion of contemporary culture and its connection to public space and the community through artistic and educational productions. Cinesthesia is experimenting with art in public space with the vision to create a vibrant experience. Public art awakens and mobilizes collective consciousness in relation tosocial responsibility and interaction issues. The art itself, the citizen and the location become an active unity. Innate imagination and artistic ability of the viewer reanimate. We aim at involving audiences and artists with a free and synesthetic way [Cinesthesia = Synesthesia: when a stimulus mobilizes multiple senses]. Cinesthesia organises: The “Eye’s Walk Digital”. An innovative festival that combines digital technology, video installation & performing art, experiential design with the unique cultural and architectural background of a city. "Eye's Walk Digital" draws its themes from people and society in order to create a new kind of art by creating a synthesis all of the above mentioned. Its productions are developed in public space boldly and with the participation of artists, visitors and the community. The “Cinesthesia” documentary and experience festival https://www.facebook.com/cineshtesia?fref=ts. This is an original concept where the occasion is always a documentary, experimenting with the ability of art to "awaken" the viewer's experience within and outside the boundaries of a movie theatre and create "art through art". Cinesthesia employs permanent staff, external partners and volunteers. Each year trainee positions are offered to senior students.

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