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What is Focusson? And how can it help in stuff that you are doing? It is an Online Focus Groups with combo of tools for Text Analysis (Qualitative Data Analysis Software). You can use these features (online focus and tools for analysis) separately or together. You can even analyse text not only from our chat but from traditional focus groups, bulletin board or other sources as well. The only important thing is - you need them in docx. Smart beast. Online Focus secret powers: - max 15 interviewees - max 3h of the interview - unlimited number of available mini-questionnaires - unlimited use of multimedia in interviews - interactive script Combo of analysis secret powers: - distributed access for any number of researchers - unlimited amount of research material - results access control individually assigned access rights - exporting data to MS Word and Excel - Polish and English dictionary One week free trial, check if we can help you. All easy to use, if not we are happy to help !

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