Future Strategy Club

Peckham-based members club for freethinking freelancers

Bussey Building, London SE15, UK


FSC is a collective of the UK’s best consultants and creative talent. We deliver game-changing outcomes for clients, without the typical agency bullshit. And our profits fund projects and young companies we care about that have true social impact. This is the agency remodelled as a members’ club. We provide our members with everything an agency normally provides – work, development, coaching, networking, mentorship and parties – but all our members are independent. Being a community of freelancers means choice and freedom for our members, and scalability for our clients (not to mention lower costs, and an unrivalled pool of talent to ensure they get the best people for the job, every time). We are home for those who want to break free from unfulfilling jobs, find their purpose and have impact in the world. For us profit is a by-product of purpose – and working with our community is key to that. Because of this we created FSC Impact, an incubator working with local entrepreneurs to help them get their ideas off the ground and get seed funding. The connection between the agency and its community is very important to us. In our office in Peckham, anyone can come in and get help with their ideas – putting the agency back in the agency, by giving a purpose once again. Our vision is twofold: to be the home for freelancers and freethinkers, from university until retirement – where they can successfully enjoy the freedom of freelancing but not miss out on all the benefits that permanent employment used to offer (pensions, culture, line management, career development, friendship, support), and even go on to start their own companies; and to transform the agency for the better by showing that authenticity, values, craft and a commitment to the prosperity of local communities is a model that works.

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