Movement Films

UK based film production with a focus on narrative content

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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Movement Films Ltd was founded on the idea that stories should reflect the dynamic lives humans lead in the world around us. After years of making and analysing short films, Bernadeta and Matthias understand that storytelling is the most powerful form of communication and one that has endless possibilities. So why is it not being used in all forms of communication where possible? Bernadeta and Matthias started to compare commercials to the short films that they admired. The brands we use and love all have a human element, however, this is often lost in traditional forms of advertisement. This opened an opportunity to change the face of advertisement and reconnect companies with their audiences. Bernadeta and Matthias blend captivating stories and marketing to create adverts that inspire, engage and move audiences; but above all, leave a lasting impression in people’s minds. Movement Films produce narrative commercials that inspire audiences to fall in love with you, by telling the stories that show the human behind the brand. Our approach is new, but with that comes our energy and passion to change the face of digital marketing by utilising people’s emotions, not only their senses.

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