Data-driven trend forecasting

London, United Kingdom


Nextatlas is a unique technology leveraging proprietary algorithms and AI methodologies to detect new trends likely to become mainstream. With Nextatlas, brand ecosystems can directly source intelligence from a large base of the world's most creative insiders. Nextatlas is powered by iCoolhunt, a pioneering proponent of innovative services that provide brand owners and their advisors with rich, timely and objective information about the drivers of change in consumer lifestyles and behavior. Founded in 2012 by Italian brothers Luca and Alessio Morena, iCoolhunt is headquartered in Torino, with offices in London. iCoolhunt Spa – London, opened in 2017, is the UK based limited company that applies AI to help brands to innovate their products and marketing strategies by focusing on pattern changes in consumer lifestyles, preferences and behaviours.



Innovation Prize

NC Digital

  • An acknowledgment of Nextatlas' ability of using big data to identify emerging trends.

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