E-training for disabled people and their employers

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We are building an online space that levels the playing field for disabled people in work. Getting into work is so hard, especially in the current climate. Adding a disability or chronic illness into the mix just makes it nearly impossible. We offer hire-to-train ‘on the job’ training in digital roles and work experience programmes that providing experience, references and interview training to get you ready to apply for jobs. Do you need support with your company and day to day work? Want to hire a disabled trainee to help support them in their career while also helping SIC raise vital funds to support the work we do? Whether it’s ongoing monthly work or a one off project, work with us to hire one of our trainees! All of their work is QA’d by one of our industry expert mentors before its submitted so you can be sure you’re receiving quality work! Community, Events & Advocacy: The disabled community is one of the strongest on social media- and we love you all for it!-We love building our own online community, and chatting to all of you! With takeover days, highlighting petitions importantant to the disabled community, running career workshops and disability centered events, our online community- we keep busy!

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