The Apartment

A creative, digital & experiential agency

London, United Kingdom

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A NEW KIND OF BUSINESS, THE APĀRTMENT CREATES UNIQUE IDEAS TO FURTHER THE PROGRESS OF THE DIGITAL AND CREATIVE ASPECTS OF MULTIPLE INDUSTRIES. In 2012 we launched a space during London Fashion Week for professional social influencers. They were invited to come and use the space throughout the week as a working and recreational hub. Due to our influential guest list and the unique opportunity to have access to them, we had brands across multiple industries including Fashion, Technology, Beauty & Food take part and sponsor our event. Now, we are the primary location for professional influencers during that period and have expanded our presence to Paris & New York, as well as holding hubs at other key times of the year & places around the world. Over time we have become known for our events, creative strategy and our ability to develop brand to influencer relationships. We have also built a strong roster of social influencers who we manage, as a part of The Apārtment Network. There is a strong focus on developing relationships between us, the influencers and the brands we work with. Our aim is to push creative barriers whilst ensuring, the influencers can grow into strong independent entrepreneurs and the brands can achieve all of their creative & digital objectives.

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