Destigmatising pleasure through art and design

London, United Kingdom

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Vagina-nomics is a biannual magazine for a fierce feminist who is curious about female pleasure. The magazine destigmatises topics such as women's health, gender equality, female empowerment and the act of sex through art and design. Instead of shaming the reader, it nurtures creativity and an interest in a tabooed subject. Through a variety of thought-provoking articles created by leading feminist authors and artists, we give voice to those who feel shy or ashamed of discussing female pleasure in public and are eager to learn more about the act of sex, periods, health and equality. Every week, Vagina-Nomics inspires men and women to raise their voice in topics related to our pleasure, and twice a year we invite the readers to purchase a magazine which will turn into a rare memorabilia which they are encouraged to keep after they cut, fold, rip and tear the magazine apart.

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