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Vastari facilitates exhibition loans and tours worldwide, connecting global participants, whether private or public, novice or experienced. Museums around the world organise more than 140,000 exhibitions a year. Vastari's online platform and bespoke services facilitate international exhibition loans and tours. Operating at the intersection of culture and technology, our team combines skills from across industries to tackle the large exhibition ecosystem using data and state of the art technology. Rooted in history, pushing the boundaries of technology. Born from the desire to help the cultural industry to be more connected and efficient, our journey started in 2012 with the development of an online platform to facilitate loans between private collectors and public museums. We chose the name Vastari in recognition of the democratising force that was Giorgio Vasari (1511 - 1574), adding a ‘T’ for technology. We then realised more could be done when it comes to creating meaningful connections for exhibitions. In 2014 we launched our travelling exhibitions marketplace, and in 2018 we released industry pioneering reports about the market for exhibitions. Vastari is constantly working on building new technology tools to facilitate every step of the exhibition-making process.

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