Where the Leaves Fall

A magazine exploring humankind's connection with nature.


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Our contact with nature has been broken. The environment that most of us are born into is mainly brick and concrete. The animals that we share this space with are largely pets or pests – the spider climbing the wall lost in our territory. The fridge buzzes quietly in the kitchen, full of the industrialised and processed produce it’s keeping cool. Our lives, thoughts, consciousness, become overwhelmed and consumed by the digital world that we connect with through a range of different sized screens. Our wonder at the natural beauty our planet presents to us is one step removed by the screen resolution and detail of the image. Without that contact how can we really understand the impact of the decisions we make as people and governments? How can we even truly understand ourselves as a part of nature? Where the Leaves Fall is a magazine that explores humankind’s push-pull relationship with the natural world.

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