Amelia Rouse

Amelia Rouse

IllustratorBirmingham, United Kingdom
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Amelia Rouse

Amelia Rouse

IllustratorBirmingham, United Kingdom
About me
I'm an artist from Barbados.
  • The people of 3020
    The people of 3020The people of 3020 are all living on various earth colonies and settlements scattered throughout our solar system. Many thems and theys. This is a companion series to the original Year 3020 illustrations. These illustrations started as a way to practice digital drawing during September and Inktober 2021. But the project morphed and took a life of its own. These are all digital pieces, made using Blender Grease Pencil. The project is ongoing…
  • Barbados Ink Illustration
    Barbados Ink IllustrationWhile I'm at home in Barbados I like to draw various plants around my house. I collected some references and decided to do two larger pieces using an old poem and a story I heard from several friends and my parents.
  • Experimental Posters
    Experimental PostersDuring the last few months I started making some random digital collages of pictures, text and drawings I had abandoned. Most of them were unfinished and just sitting around in folders on my computer. I'm still trying to figure out how to best use GIMP in my work but I learned a lot from this exercise.
  • Year 3020 - Traveller
    Year 3020 - TravellerThe traveller is a series of drawings in pen and coloured pencil on paper. The series explores the future, 1000 years from now. During the pandemic, I missed traveling and started binging Star Trek (and other sci-fi movies). These pieces are places visited by an interplanetary traveller, visiting earth for the first time. Things are a little different now, as the planet retakes the land. People live closer to nature, recycling old structures. Remnants of automatons, statues and other landmarks s
  • Personal Work 2019
    Personal Work 2019My version of falling into the sunken place.
  • Body Parts
    Body PartsThese are a few studies I have done as part of a zine I'm creating called Be Bold.
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    Civil Environmental EngineeringUniversity of Birmingham
     - Birmingham, United Kingdom
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