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  • Suzannah Gabriel
  • Alice Pelati
  • Claire-Marie Hoelscher
  • Najat Ifsasse
  • Olga Kott
  • Martinda Tarawally

1 of 1 was submitted as part of the MA Fashion Photography course. The project involved a call out on The Dots for women creatives of all ethnicities, backgrounds and creative outlets. I did not want to discriminate on any basis for this project because self-esteem amongst creative women is so important. After selecting creative women to come on board for this project, I conducted interviews and then did a photoshoot with them in one location (at different times). This shoot did not have a stylist or makeup artist on board, and the final images are unretouched. This was an important way of giving the women agency over their appearance, but also a way to present the everyday and not a performance as such. The final image text are quotes from the interview with the women, and I hand-sewed the images. This project can be seen on Kaltblut Magazine.