Ace & Tate Creative Fund: Hayley Louisa Brown

  • Tessa Pauw
  • Leila McGlew
  • Mark de Lange
  • Isabel van Zeller
  • Kiki Grammatopoulos
Photographer Hayley Louisa Brown is a creative force to watch. As editor-in-chief of BRICK, a biannual hip-hop culture publication launched in 2015 (it sold out, as did the second), she set out to eschew all the usual clichés about the genre, such as the propensity for overtly masculine imagery seen in American titles.
Her latest project Children of Graceland, supported by Ace & Tate’s Creative Fund, took her to Elvis Presley’s hometown where she photographed young Elvis fans, as a way of exploring his contemporary legacy and the idea of Elvis as a legend, rather the man himself.
Ace & Tate’s Creative Fund sets out to support emerging artists and bring their extraordinary ideas to life.


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