Afropunk London Installation: My Yard

  • Kalisha Ruth Quinlan-Davies
  • Dominique Fenn
  • Ruth Flanagan
  • Frankie Dunn
  • Yewande YoYo Odunubi
  • Naeem Davis
  • Tia Simon-Campbell
Overlooking AFROPUNK main stage, VIP festival goers will be invited to explore a series of three bedroom installations.

MY YARDis an installation inspired by the transient nature of the concept of home, for so many QTIPOC.

Drawing on the lived experiences of the Black British Queer community, BBZ x I-D endeavours to create a space that pays homage to the Bedroom Dj’s, Black Neeks, Conscious Yutes, Bashment Studs, Trans Youth, Brown Punks, Road Femmes, Jungle Heads, Channel U Man-Dem and everyone in between.

My yard gently guides you through eras, spaces and identities often forgotten.

"South London's BBZ -- photographer Tia Simon Campbell and cinematographer Nadine Davis -- are currently at the helm of their own burgeoning QTIPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersexed People of Colour) rave-cum-art collective.

Though they've got a lot of love for their liberal and multicultural city, when they were unable to find a space that reflected their own queerness, they felt that they had no choice but to start their own.

Cue an ongoing series of banging BBZ nights, plus an art studio and gallery, all dedicated to the voices of the QTIPOC community and all furiously inclusive."
- Frankie Dunn, VICE


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