Alchemize Magazine

  • Rosie Caldwell
  • Hashim Hussain
  • Marilena Hadjipakkou

For this project we were asked to name, brand, and create our own magazine based on the theme of transmutation. We had to create the front covers for two issues of our magazine, and design a 3-spread feature article for the first magazine. We also had to create a screen print that would be a bonus feature for the magazine reader. My Magazine is named Alchemize which is based on alchemy, a medieval transmutation changing metal to gold. My chosen feature article was based on Sigmar Polke, a fine artist who worked with a variety of bizarre materials and his work was likened to that of an alchemist - changing ordinary substances (metal) into amazing pieces of art (gold).

Issue One Front Cover, Artwork and Pull-Out Screenprint
Issue One Feature Spreads
Issue Two Front Cover and Artwork

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    Northumbria University