Hashim Hussain

Hashim Hussain

Graphic DesignerNewcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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Hashim Hussain

Hashim Hussain

Graphic DesignerNewcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
About me
3rd year student at Northumbria University studying Graphic Design
Projects credited in
  • Caravan Camping... Peachtree Kidswear
    Caravan Camping... Peachtree KidswearPeachtree's follow on collection, inspired by the next generation within the Peach family tree. Based around childhood memories of visiting the caravan. For this project, the triangular shape was very prominent within initial research and there for became a main feature within the garment designs.
  • Beyond Earth
    Beyond EarthA campaign designed around promoting space tourism to the mass tourism industry ran during World Space Week 2020 and backed by Amazon. This campaign aimed to educated and challenge the thought of space as a potential holiday destination through a variety of touchpoints and encourage them to consider space as their next destination. This was a project designed as part of the Dog’s Bollocks 2020 brief set by DesignBridge, London.
    ALTERNATIONThe brief was to inspire sustainable, mindful and effective changes of lifestyles with the main audience being 15-25 year olds.
  • Animal Awareness
    Animal AwarenessIn this brief I developed designs for an experiential project that extend the concept of user interaction beyond the mouse-keyboard interface. It needed a strong sound element as well as a creative use of visuals. This was fundamentally about looking beyond the computer screen to create a sensor-based interface, allowing users to interact with an audio-visual environment. The Outcome I decided to go down the Arduino route, wanting to use the motion sensors to change something depending on the
  • beam
    beamThe Brief Create a drinks brand that has a functional benefit beyond the primary purpose of refreshment. My Solution beam aims to bring the energy of sunshine into peoples lives through our drink. We want to help people enjoy the dark winter months as much as the beautiful, bright summer time. Over half (57%) of adults say that their overall mood is worse in the winter season compared to the summer season, and who can blame them? beam helps to improve your mood in these dull days to inspire opt
  • Alchemize Magazine
    Alchemize MagazineFor this project we were asked to name, brand, and create our own magazine based on the theme of transmutation. We had to create the front covers for two issues of our magazine, and design a 3-spread feature article for the first magazine. We also had to create a screen print that would be a bonus feature for the magazine reader. My Magazine is named Alchemize which is based on alchemy, a medieval transmutation changing metal to gold. My chosen feature article was based on Sigmar Polke, a fine
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Work history
    Graphic Designershiftys stickers
     - Middlesbrough, United KingdomPart Time
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Northumbria University
    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom