• Ross Laidlaw
  • Hashim Hussain
  • Marilena Hadjipakkou

The Brief Create a drinks brand that has a functional benefit beyond the primary purpose of refreshment. My Solution beam aims to bring the energy of sunshine into peoples lives through our drink. We want to help people enjoy the dark winter months as much as the beautiful, bright summer time. Over half (57%) of adults say that their overall mood is worse in the winter season compared to the summer season, and who can blame them? beam helps to improve your mood in these dull days to inspire optimism so you can take on the winter head on.

Beam's self heating can gives the consumer the option to enjoy the beverage cold or warm. The can changes from blue to orange using thermochromic paint. The punch contains natural mood enhancing ingredients such as Vitamin D and St John's Wort which work with Orange, Cinnamon and ginger to give beam its fresh taste.