An historic neighbourhood finds its voice

  • Elli Stuhler
  • Chloe Smith
  • Sybbie Marquez
  • Julius Pasteiner

St James's is a picturesque slice of Central London known for its centuries-old bespoke shirting shops, the gentlemen's clubs along Pall Mall and its high concentration of Royal Warrant businesses. But this perception doesn't tell the whole story, and it was time for St James's to get a voice of its own. Client: The Crown Estate

The St James's Correspondent is a quarterly newspaper with a circulation of 30,000. My role as co-editor is to report on St James's in a way that aligns with its positioning of contemporary hub of fashion, food and art.
The publication has featured Tony Chambers, the founders of The Gourmand, Norwegian Rain, Patternity, BAFTA's chairperson, and has taken trips to the factories of Sunspel, John Smedley and Cheaney & Sons.
The multi-platform content strategy for St James's focusses heavily on, a digital resource for content, videos, events and information about the neighbourhood.
St James's instagram feed has more than doubled its followers in 2016 and continues to grow.