Anthony Nolan

  • Elliott Starr (he/ him)
  • Sarah Cabey
  • Monty Verdi
  • Claire Baker
  • Laura Clark

Not just a new campaign, but a whole new brand platform

Anthony Nolan tasked Drum with driving financial donations.
First, we had to create a brand platform for the charity.
We found this in Without you there is no cure.
Next, we launched 'Without You'. A story about a young woman looking for someone special.
The campaign drove over 40,000 people to Anthony Nolan's website.
Most importantly, people were three times more likely to donate to the charity after seeing the film.
We knew that before people would care enough to support the charity, they first had to understand what Anthony Nolan do. Their work is a very intricate process. Finding a simple way to communicate that led us to the kind of ‘match’ everyone understands – romance. To find a stem cell match, Anthony Nolan has to search a global register of stem cell donors - it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Financial support for the charity literally funds this search and helps to save lives.
Actress Olivia Colman kindly did the voiceover for us. Whilst it's never been on our bucket lists to make her cry, it was a reassuring response when we showed her the film.