Anya Smells

  • Ellen Turnill Montoya
  • Denise Mansbart
  • Rachel Gibson
  • Radwa Radwan
  • Dary Redblossom
  • Eloise Nelson
  • Rhian Pownceby
  • Jude Whyte
  • Charlie Sheppard
  • Tara Gladstone
  • Alex Bec
  • Harry Grundy
We showed the world how a luxury brand smells
For the amazingly titled ‘Anya Hindmarch Smells’ campaign Anyways were asked to create a simple, but humorous film and in-store event for the launch of its luxury candle range.
As a brand, Anya Hindmarch aims to ‘recreate the everyday in an extraordinary way’, and is well known for its playful but crafted style, often putting googly eyes on its products. For the brands first venture into fragrance we continued this amusing approach, choosing to emphasise the idea of scent and smell with a large sculptural nose.
The film uses the nose as a chucklesome storytelling device to explore the three scents of the candles; Sun Lotion, Baby Powder and Coffee, as well as the memories associated with each. The film follows a miniature train set carrying nostalgic memories with jolly sound effects. As the train travels through the nose, which acts as a tunnel, each are transformed into the three Anya Smells candles. The train also winds round a landscape made of the candle’s packaging displaying facial expressions reacting as it goes on a transformative journey.
For the launch event the centrepiece was, of course, a giant nose too. Mimicking the film, it featured the model train winding around an elevated track through the monochrome packaging, with both real and nostalgic ingredient notes displayed alongside the candles.


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