Around The World In Eight Plays (Adobe Lightroom) 2019

  • Meeka M
  • Jordan Clarke
  • Holly-Marie Cato
  • Steven Whiting
  • Natalie Mitchell

Around the world in eight plays is a project for Adobe Lightroom, following eight photographers. The project follows eight photographers from around the world and asks what play means to them and what it looks like in their city. Adobe Lightroom set photographer Holly-Marie Cato the challenge of showing what play means to her as a creative. The project featured on the Lightroom Instagram page. My role on the project was to work as Art Director.

Photographer: Holly-Marie Cato @h_cato
Art Direction: Meeka Tamia @by.meekatamia + Jade Adee @adeyumyum
Model: Jordan Clarke @Jordanskn
MUA: Tia Louize @tialouize
Assistance: Amanda Kingsley @__goodfruit + Natalie Mitchell @nataliemitchell_photo