Balance for Better – International Women's Day 2019

For International Women’s Day 2019, AKQA New York tackled the mission #BalanceforBetter head on by asking all employees to share their thoughts on how to achieve a gender-balanced studio and create a better world.

And it was all based around a simple question posed to both women and men in the studio: WHAT CAN YOU DO TO MAKE US BETTER TOGETHER?
#BetterTogether was brought to life through a series of portraits, quotes and website. Each portrait was combined with a personal statement on how they’ll help to create a better workplace for all at AKQA. AKQA NYC celebrated International Women’s Day with the reveal of team the portraits and quotes in an exhibition, with a talk on how gender progressive advertising can help brands grow, with guest speakers Kate Ginsburg and Meghan MacArthur from Kantar followed by a panel discussion on The Power of Diverse Teams.
See full website here.