• Beatrice Tamagnini
  • Marco Andrea Cacioni
  • Brooke Roberts-Islam

In the spirit of Dieter Rams’s ten principles of good design, BBLS Studio has defined its own set of principles that aim to unpack what sustainable fashion means, through this lens of circularity, and the choices a consumer can make. If eliminating the concept of waste and the continued use of new resources is the objective, then a circular economy is the strategy to use. A circular fashion industry would consist of business models that retain the value of garments while they’re in use, regenerative solutions that turn used clothes into something new, and safe and renewable processes that are restorative to the environment and society. Our ten sustainability principles were a collaboration with Techstyler Support us on our instagram profile Article by joss debae Icons by Marco Andrea Cacioni Poster and creative direction Beatrice Tamagnini Produced by BBLS Studio Evolution of the icons created together from the editorial with Techstyler and with Brooke Roberts-Islam Read full article on

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