• Sasha Kluvitse
  • Jodie Nicholson
  • Joshua Roberts
  • Maclaren Walsh
  • Chris S-D
  • Josh Wiley
  • Nadia Chopra
  • Nicholas Griffiths
  • Weyland McKenzie-Witter
  • James Massiah
  • Ramone Anderson
BOILER ROOM showcases and celebrates local emerging talent as part of the 'LOW HEAT' series. The weekly celebration of local music culture returned throughout April with live sessions taking place at Boiler Room HQ in East London. An array of London based artists and DJs offered their new sounds and latest productions.
LOW HEAT 005 / LH005

L.A.B. Collective - regular beat meets in South London brought this gang together, with their mutual love of hip hop and it's root elements, making them manifest in their own productions and hybrid styles.
Lava La Rue - head honcho of the infamous and upcoming NiNE 8 Collective, Lava La Rue brings together a watertight worldview with lyrics and beats to turn up to, so many leading lights to compare her to but we'd rather let her talent speak for itself - no doubt a future great and already an icon. Recently featured in Dazed and Berlin's Colors.
Puma Blue - melancholy, moving and maddening! Puma Blue stepped away from his regular instruments of choice to play some of the sounds that have inspired his music to date.
Raheaven - heaven by name, heaven by nature, angelic vocals and the highest order of earthly wisdom made manifest in the intelligent and heartfelt songwriting of singer Raheaven,
Virgil Hawkins - 237 family member Virgil Hawkins, named after one of the finest young superheroes in the DC universe, matches up to his namesake in powers with his unique style an uparalleled ability to rock the mic.

LOW HEAT 006 / LH006

079Me - hostesses with the mostess Rivah and Kush have been stalwarts of the East London party scene for a firm few years, taking over the reigns from Work It before moving on to set up the funhouse known as 079ME for the real linkup.
AMZ - AMZ is turning parties upside down all over the city. It was only right that we brought her through and we were blessed to have one of the greatest contemprary batch of DJs owning club-dance combo.
Organ Tapes - dancehall sentimentality with pop sensibility, Organ Tapes is equal parts forlone and euphoria.
Syymz - selector and DJ Symmz came through with MC on deck with a bunch of deep futuristic UK sounds.
Woesum - beat maker supreme Woesum came through with a family of artists to the Boiler Room studio, playing a mix of mostly self-productions with great effect.
Yayoyanoh - auto tuned sung rap lyrics on narcotics night life and future loving, Yayoyanoh is a force to be reckoned with in the business of capturing feelings and emotions that are hard to describe or express in word alone.
Zini - producer Zini came through with a mix bag of self made beats fusing dancehall inflected electronics, trap elements and a dash of gabber for good measure in one of the series' most exciting mixes.
LOW HEAT 007 / LH007

Amal Omari - RnB and future sounds from one of the most cities best connected selectors.
Brooks - Tom Holdbrook aka BROOKS more than holds his own when throwing punches in the ring of grime, bass, trap and dub.
Caleb Femi - Peckhamite and pioneer of the young poet laureate for London project, Caleb Femi has been experimenting more with music as a memeber of the sxwks collective and putting out some impresssive stuff to say the very very least. There may well be an album on the way, though we'd be equally impressed with a collection of poems.
Kam bu - one of the brightest talents shining right now,Kkam bu broke a sweat and some ideas of what UK rap could be.
Lex Amor - with elements of the golden era about her style, yet still firmly fixed in the present on account of her lyrical engagement with the most prevalent issues of the day, Lex Amor is one of the UKs finest exports when it comes to the purest elements of hip hop music.
Pablo Pullen - beatmaker Pablo Pullen showcases a high level of artistry matched well by the slew of new young lyrcist who float effortlessly on top of his trippy, modern rap dubs.
LOW HEAT 008 / LH008

Bossman Wines (Body Motion) - Body Motion have developed quite a reputation in recent years for putting on parties in London covering the more progressive end of the genre spectrum within electronic music, all for those willing, exist a bit beyond conventional beats and patterns - resident Bossman Wines came through to display a fine selection of tracks fit for a party in keeping with the house's experimental style.
Denzel Himself - riot boy Denzel Himself takes no prisoners in the live arena, with an energy that's hard to match and a malevolent, ambitious velocity that's hard to ignore.
Noudle - Noudle opened up the proceedings at season 2 of Low Heat, emerging from behind the mixing desk as a more than accomplished sound engineer to prove her mettle as a DJ worth her salt too.
Prestige Pak - renegade party starters Prestige Pak are the all action troupe in sports kits and a fighting spirit, demolishing perceptions of who should play what one dance at a time.
Sweyn Jupiter - far out of this world as his name implies, by all means a force to be reckoned with solo on beats and behind the decks, sweyn sits neatly among a host on comrades from some of the city's best loved musical families.
Project Manager - Sasha Kluvitse
Event Producer - Kaitlyn Davies
Programmer - James Massiah

Director (Live) - Kevin Smith and Josh Roberts
Camera (Live) - Angela Stephenson, Anand Singh, Clio Marden, Isaac Duribe, Kevin Smith and Weyland McKenzie
Sound (Live) - Nadia Chopra
Photography - David Brimmacombe and Stephen Akinyemi
Editors - Angela Stephenson, Craig Massie, Maya Forcione, Nathan Greenwood

Art Director - Josh Wiley
Senior Designer - Cecila Serafini
Junior Designer - Harry Butt
VFX - Stefan Iyapeh

Content Manager - Jed Joseph
Online Content Editor - Tony McParland
Online Content Assistant - Mickey Portlock