Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo

  • David Gibbs
  • Matthew Smith
  • Tom Lee

The brief was to launch the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo - confectionary crack - by sampling it. This lets us do a social campaign. The idea was to create a challenge, one influencer had to share thousands of chocolate bars over a set amount of time. So we looked for a person who was present on all social channels to create content with them. We found Arron Crascall, who screamed through the meeting room how much he loves Cadbury’s chocolate. Arron became the frontman and we were his writing room and probably his best production team he ever had. We tried to stay authentic to Arron’s content but had creative freedom with the scale. Over four weeks Arron had to share 50.000 chocolate bars and we created 3 films a week. It was Cadbury’s best performing social media campaign ever, reaching beyond the UK market. We not only grew product awareness but Arron’s own follower numbers. We won a Campaign New Thinking Award. Below the case study and a selection of the content, we put out over the social platforms.


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