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CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Tom Lee

CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Creative / integrated / conceptual / writer The only formula is fun.
  • CadburyCadbury put out a new bar - but no one was trying it. So we created a sharing campaign on steroids. A Brewster’s Millions style challenge where our talent - viral hitmaker Arron Crascall - had to share 50,000 bars in just four weeks. It was Cadbury’s best performing social campaign. Ever. And won us a big old blunt instrument otherwise known as a Campaign New Thinking award.
  • Virgin GamesWe turned a carpark into the world’s largest game of poker. How? Why? Whence? The answers will be revealed below.
  • Royal LondonWhen you watch the cricket with your mates, there’s always that know-it-all, that pundit in the making. Or as we like to say, that #ArmchairPundit. If you don’t have that mate, then it’s you. So we turned this insight into our campaign, a live Twitter competition during England matches where we handed the commentary reins over to the punters.
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  • Car Park Poker - Virgin GamesVirgin Games approached us to draw awareness of their social channels. By working with their existing campaign ‘Live a little’ we came up with the idea to turn mundane and boring places into the playground for games. The first execution was Carpark Poker, that we live-streamed over Facebook to let people play for free and get excited about Virgin Games. The campaign got launched with three films that explained the art of poker in the established Virgin Games / Wes Anderson look. We were even
  • #NeverMoreSureSure has a long partnership with Premier League teams (Chelsea, Southampton and Birmingham) to be their official men care partner. The brief was to create a campaign about the pressure that football players go through. In 2016 took the specific high pressure moments and showed why the players are overly confident in reversing the situation. We see that the application of the product makes the difference. The campaign involved three films with Eden Hazard, Fraser Forster and Ross Barkley showing
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk OreoThe brief was to launch the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo - confectionary crack - by sampling it. This lets us do a social campaign. The idea was to create a challenge, one influencer had to share thousands of chocolate bars over a set amount of time. So we looked for a person who was present on all social channels to create content with them. We found Arron Crascall, who screamed through the meeting room how much he loves Cadbury’s chocolate. Arron became the frontman and we were his writing room
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