Cold Water - AXA

  • Hannah Cunningham
  • Beth Grace
  • Natalie Cox
  • Tom Prideaux

BRIEF AXA wanted a digital campaign that showed the power of their new digital partnership programme - an online bot that would help track your health goals. The brief was simple yet a little unambitious and undesirable within the agency, landing on my desk, I took it as an opportunity to disrupt the equilibrium. Looking to grow their presence online, the campaign consisted of an online film - short and long forms, and static OOH.

With 74% of people more likely to succeed in achieving a health goal together, the idea became clear - I needed to celebrate the power of a partnership, with a gritty tone that gave people an honest perspective of AXA’s new partner programme.

The film was to be powerful, raw and unapologetically honest - key words I took throughout the ideation and production process. I used real people, scouting from all across the UK, in order to show a true representation of the power of working towards a goal, together.

A group of gritty welsh women, aptly named ‘The Bluetits’, caught my eye - so we followed them on their endeavours into cold open water at first light each morning. Spending a week with them in the Pembrokeshire Coast, I saw the true challenge of overcoming health battles; whether mental, emotional or physical, and the benefit of having a partner or friend right there beside you through it all.

The result, a powerful campaign film that focuses on real people and the true power of a partner - and a piece of work I am immensely proud of.
In my time as a junior, I was often given low lying briefs, in which my creative partner and I would look to turn into something special. This being one of them.

From ideation to production, I was a driving force on Art Direction & tone, crafting the film I wanted - an honest embodiment of friendship which demonstrated grit and determination in the health challenges faced together. I worked closely with the Director to achieve the desired shots, and get the film to visually empower people to ‘get up and go…together’.