Corner Shop

  • Alexander Preece
  • Jacinta Szuman
  • Ben & Shaun

Just how far do you have to go to get people to notice the best deal? Our stunt for SMARTY puts this to the test, making fun of so-called ‘British reserve’ and people’s capacity to spot a bargain. Will any customers ask for a discount? Or do we need more fluorescent signs...

Set in a typical corner shop, the fly-on-the-wall style video shows a series of customers shopping in the small store, which becomes increasingly festooned with “Ask for Discount” signs, stickers and other paraphernalia, including the shopkeeper himself wearing a T-shirt with the words in large letters on the front and drinking from a mug emblazoned with the slogan. What do you actually have to do to get people to notice that the best deal is right in front of them?