Ben & Shaun

Ben & Shaun

Creative TeamLondon, United Kingdom
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Ben & Shaun

Ben & Shaun

Creative TeamLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Ben’s the writer with a big laugh, Shaun’s the Art Director with a quick wit. We have a mutual respect for burrito folding and love taking the mick out of each other. Ben likes: Tennis, Rugby, Typography, Cooking, Shoes and Burritos. Shaun likes: Skateboarding, Rock Climbing, Illustration, Filming and Burritos. We’re driven and hungry for success (and burritos.)
  • Charlie Chimp's Curious Creatures
    Charlie Chimp's Curious CreaturesAn informative children's book about Charlie, a chimp, armed with a camera who loves to study the jungles more peculiar animals. The story follows Charlie, an inquisitive chimp armed with a camera who loves to study the jungles more peculiar animals. Our polaroid taking primate will lead you through the treetops, the rivers, even the darkest places in the jungle to show you the wonderful creatures that live there and the things that make them so unique. Charlie’s journey however has him wonderi
    SHELL - GO CHARGEBRIEF: Shell and NewMotion have partnered up to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points worldwide by 2025 . Create an experience for Shell's global Make the Future event that shows young people where these new charging points will be in the near future. SOLUTION: We created a highly interactive experience that allowed the users to learn through play. Challenging children (and adults) to explore our massive interactive city and find as many charging points as possible. Users ha
    BMW - PRINT & SOCIALWORK: Fresh faced and bushy tail, for our very first live advertising brief we were asked to work on BMW. Completing a number of projects from print ads for new car releases to taking over their Instagram page.
    SHELL - FEED THE GRIDBRIEF: The challenge was to create an experience that explains Vehicle to Grid technology to children visiting Shell's Make the Future event. Vehicle to Grid technology is a brand new development from Shell which is improving the electrical charging infrastructure. It creates charging stations to charge cars, but also utilises excess energy stored in car batteries to charge the grid when there is a spike in demand. Pretty complicated! SOLUTION: We created a virtual city that was controlled by
    WACOM - 90 DAYS OF DARINGBRIEF: Create artwork for Wacom's latest sales promotion. "Three months free access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud." IDEA: That's 90 days of experimenting, trying new things and daring yourself to do more. In those 90 days you could unleash an incredible transformation in your work! ARTISTS: We were lucky enough to work with one of our favourite pair of artists, The Layzell Bros. We chose them because their incredible over the top colours and style perfectly suited our daring and transfo
    DOMINO'S - PIZZAGEDDONBRIEF: Activate Domino's freshness online. IDEA: The best way to own 'Freshly Handmade Pizza' online is to publicly destroy any poor excuse for pizza that isn't fresh or handmade. Naturally, we created a live stream asking people to choose how we obliterate these pathetic frozen pizza's! Once they voted, the destruction began, complete with replays, slo mo's, the lot! We got thousands of interactions and had huge amounts of fun making it.
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Projects credited in
  • #GramInvaders
    #GramInvadersWe created a mobile gaming experience ‘first’ by hacking Instagram Stories to demonstrate Three’s core messaging #PhonesAreGood.
  • Corner Shop
    Corner ShopJust how far do you have to go to get people to notice the best deal? Our stunt for SMARTY puts this to the test, making fun of so-called ‘British reserve’ and people’s capacity to spot a bargain. Will any customers ask for a discount? Or do we need more fluorescent signs...
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    Gravity Road logo
    Gravity Road logo
    Midweight Creative TeamGravity Road
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Sainsburys Three Mobile Guiness VO5 Hair Products Smarty Mobile Warner Movies Krispie Kreme
    Iris logo
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    Creative TeamIris
     - Lambeth, London SE1, UKFull Time
    Working on - Shell Fuels Global, digital and print - Dominos Pizza, digital and stunts - Adidas, digital and print - Super Dry Clothing, film - KFC (pitch win) digital - Haven Holidays (pitch win) 360 campaign - Virgin Active, digital - Barclaycard, print - Wacom, digital and film
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    BA Hons Creative AdvertisingThe University of Lincoln
     - Lincoln, United Kingdom
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    D&AD New Blood PencilD&AD
    Working in collaboration with Will Timney, Jack Last & Ben Cashmore we created Hecklr. A chatbot that embodies personalities of stand up comedians. Check out our project here: