Creativity Works - Visual Storytelling with Magnum Photos

This work was produced during a 6-week intensive photography course with Create Jobs and Magnum Photos. Photographs were produced in fulfilment of a brief set by It's Nice That. The brief asked course participants to take photographs which portrayed what London was to them. Under the guidance of Magnum associate Sohrab Hura, a body of work was developed for display in an exhibition and to be printed in a zine. In the series i wanted to tell the story of London's 2019 youth culture through our nightlife, with a sharp focus on inclusivity in the club… Whilst the documentation of music culture is at the core of this project, I was especially keen to champion marginalised music communities generally under-represented by mainstream media. Music is one of the strongest methods of showing individuality, political beliefs, and ideas rather than just homogenised entertainment. The places where young Londoners go to listen to music together is where they go to express themselves . For many of us its a safe space- a world free of judgement and discrimination. Music is a universal language, and when you’re on a dance floor- you’re united regardless of who you are and where you come from. London prides itself on it’s diversity, and I passionately believe it’s what makes us great. To me, there’s no better place to testify this then through our club and music culture, as music is undeniably a reflection of our society. I wanted to show just a small slice of the hedonistic unification that you can find on a London dance floor on any given weekend. With an intention to react against social-medias filtered documentation of life, this series aims to show our city at 2am through a totally non-sugar-coated lens.