Dream Nation 2015 - Conference

  • Tobí Rachel Akingbadé
  • Feruza Afewerki-Abraha
  • Claud Williams

More Than Just Motivation.

What separates people with potential from the people who channel their potential to create the lives they wish to lead? The answer is simple: Knowledge.
Every August, we hold our annual conference designed to empower and inspire the Practical Dreamer community. Speakers from all walks of life and professions share their advice, experiences and stories giving you the tools you need to start living your dreams.
Speakers from previous years have been Olympians like Sam Ruddock, Youtube stars like Patricia Bright and entrepreneurs like Samuel Kasumu, the founder of Elevation Networks. We’ve heard how Alan Radbourne turned £1 in to £20,000 over the course of a year and how Caleb Meakin survived 40 days of Rejection. This year, we’ve stepped up our game again.
I Have A Dream 2015 is much more than just motivation, it's designed to give you the information and the tools you need to write your own story. It’s designed to help you become a Practical Dreamer.