Dream Nation Gala 2015

  • Tobí Rachel Akingbadé
  • Feruza Afewerki-Abraha
  • Claud Williams

Letter From Claud Williams

Life is good. You have a roof over your head, food on the table and people who love you and each day slowly but surely you’re getting closer to your dream. But you can feel it, something is missing.
When you share your dreams with your family they don’t really get it. Your friends are great, but they don’t seem to be able to grasp the depth of your passion. Maybe everyone will understand one day or maybe you just need to show them. 
So you keep working in silence. The days turn into weeks, and weeks into months. You’re making progress, but not as much as you were hoping. Now that fire you had isn’t burning as bright and if you were 100% honest with yourself you’re not sure if you’re on the right path.
This is when most people quietly stop fighting and this is where most dreams die. I mean, life is still good right? You tell yourself that “it’s not settling, in fact it’s sensible. It’s the right thing to do.” But you don’t even believe yourself. You know you’re capable of more, you don’t now how much more yet but it just seems so hard to do it alone. 
I’ve always been taught that we are the average of the people we associate with most. I’m finding that the biggest factor to how successful I become isn’t how hard I work, it’s not how smart I am and it’s not even down to luck. It has and continues to be my network.
When guests tell us that they love our events, but they want more time meeting each other, we knew we had to create something new. We wanted an event that puts you at the centre, an event focused on giving you opportunities to make new friends, build your network and find people just like you. An event where you walk away inspired not just because of what you have heard on stage, but because people you meet reignited your passion. An event where instead of being seated and entertained, you got to dance to live music. A night where we get to celebrate your accomplishments and everyone can share in each other’s success. 
So to celebrate the conclusion of 2015, and welcome in a new year, with new opportunities and fresh beginnings we created one of London’s most unique events. We created the Dream Nation Gala. 
This year’s gala is our most anticipated event and we’ve put in the work to make sure we out-do ourselves again. More tickets and more details will be released soon, but the main thing you need to know is: if you are a Practical Dreamer, then this is where you belong.