Eastpak - Global Brand Campaign (2015/16)

ODD were appointed as Eastpak’s agency of record in 2014. The first global brand campaign launched in the summer of 2015 with a new strategic and creative platform.


ODD were tasked with an initial strategic piece, to identify and develop a new brand claim by discovering what the Eastpak brand truly stands for. The overall ambition was to re-establish Eastpak as the brand and backpack product of choice, through a supporting global campaign.

The ODD Solution

In order to get people to fall back in love with Eastpak we had to create a campaign which brought the brand to the forefront of consumer’s minds. To do this our campaign had to engage consumers in order to connect emotionally with them.
We decided to take the brand back to the streets and own the relationship between people, bags and daily urban exploration, whilst simultaneously showcasing the diverse range of products available.
We developed, art directed and produced a global ATL campaign, consisting of well placed OOH, press and digital in key cities. The campaign shows our urban consumer that Eastpak is more than a just a bag to carry your items from A to B. As you fill it with your belongings and put it on your back it joins you in the exploration of the city and it’s streets; capturing the moments of your life as you go.
In addition to the ATL campaign we wrote, produced and directed a brand manifesto film, which is now used on their .com site and YouTube channel.

Beautiful Effectiveness

At the time of writing, the campaign had delivered an incredible 60% uplift in sales (YOY) via the e-commerce site, a 26% increase in online brand search, but more importantly it promoted a 73% uplift in consideration from its core target consumer.
  • 60% uplift in e-comm sales
  • 26% increase in online brand search
  • 73% uplift in brand consideration