Fabrik Conditioner 18.12

Creativity from across the Fabrik community featuring Joshua C. Fry, Jan Vhrovnik, Raquel Villa, Charlie Thorne, Ivan Hugo, Steven Jermaine, Gianni Casagrande, George Butler, April Larivee, Shafiur Rahman, Tasos Kosmatopoulo, Aurpera, Emily McEwan, Ash K. Halliburton, Marloes Pijfers, David Moran, Madalina Gaceanu, Shern Sharma, Shervin Etaat, Mathieu Drouet and Rich Caraballo.

Joshua C Fry, Cinematographer, UK
Explore the Miami Bike Life through the lens of Joshua C Fry.
Jan Vhrovnik, Director of Photography, UK
Sir Ian McKellen on a lifetime of activism - Jan Vrhovnik DoP shoots the legendary actor for Attitude Magazine.
Raquel Villa, Architect, Spain
Madrid-based architectural student Raquel Villa is creating generative digital sculptures that borrows from the aesthetics and growth rules of real-world colonies of coral, virii, flowers and crystal forms.
Charlie Thorne, Director, UK
Not Yet Trending is an investigative story from inside Airbnb with a mission to find up-and-coming destinations before anyone else can. Here: Azores, a region of Portugal – in the middle of the Atlantic – where the islanders dwell in dormant volcanoes, the pineapples are the sweetest on the planet and, we discover, locals in the capital are fashioning their own hyper-creative downtown before your very eyes.
Ivan Hugo, Photographer, UK
Retrospective: from the series: "Between silence and noise”.
Steven Jermaine, Photographer, USA
From a young age, Steven Jermaine wanted to be a writer and a storyteller. He found his path through photography; more recently focusing on finding and highlighting positive and real untold stories with people of color.
Gianni Casagrande, Artist, Sardinia
Artist Gianni Casagrande produces work that intends to draw a common narrative directly from the imaginations we all share; understandable in any language and by any eye, to the extent that everyone agrees.
George Butler, Artist, UK
George Butler is an award winning artist and illustrator specialising in travel and current affairs. His drawings, done in situ are in pen, ink and watercolour. Over the last ten years his desire to record scenes in ink rather than with a camera has meant he has witnessed some extraordinary moments; refugee camps in Bekaa Valley, in the oil fields in Azerbaijan, in Gaza with Oxfam, in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, in a neo-Nazi murder trial in Munich.
His drawings have been published by The Times (London), Monocle, New York Times, the Guardian, BBC, CNN, Der Spiegel, ARD television Germany, NPR. His work has been shown in the Imperial War Museum North and the V&A Museum which also holds some of his work in the National Archive.
April Larivee, Art Director, USA
April works in brand communication specialising in asset development and design. Her work is can be found behind innovative concepts such as NIKEiD and Nike+ app.
Shafiur Rahman, Filmmaker, UK
None of the kids I spoke to go to school - declares Rahman, renowned documentary filmmaker. With a focus on migration, poverty and human rights Shafiur sheds light to the Rohingya children who collect plastic bottles in order to recycle them. For their efforts they are paid $2 for one and half bags worth of plastic bottles.
It takes a child a whole day to fill up one to two of these large sacks. The boys work six days per week, sometimes even seven. They often cut their feet stamping on the plastic bottles; almost a given since they don't wear any kind of shoe or sandal. The dust in the denuded mounds where they search for scrap plastic irritates their eyes. Bottles are also picked up from open drains, and in the absence of gloves and protective clothing in general, this can be a source of serious infection.
At Fabrik we have a role to play in helping filmmakers gain traction and respect for tackling difficult subjects and making it as easy as possible to share their stories with the world. Please get in touch with us if you have your own story to share.
Tasos Kosmatopoulos, Director, Greece
He may have studied engineering, but it’s in the art of the visual that he found his true calling. Based in Athens, Greece, Tasos has worked with Red Bull, and The NY Times; proving that there are infinite paths to creativity.
Aurpera, Designer, India
Photographer, designer and artist; Aurpera is based in Chennai, India. In her portfolio she presents her illustration work; focussing on femininity and coding a visual language of womanhood.
Emily McEwan, Make-up Artist, UK
Alternative title: “Throwing shades". Makeup work on point by Emily McEwan for Christian Roth eyewear. Clarity and logic. The brand’s modus operandi comes alive in this still.
Ash K Halliburton, Art Director, UK
Tweed this. New work by Ash K Halliburton or the FT's How To Spend It.
Marloes Pijfers, Art Director, Netherlands
Some assembly required. Marloes Pijfers creates limited edition, official IKEA merchandise to celebrate the chain's 75th birthday. Cheeky, funny, brave, it’s no wonder why the series sold out.
David Moran, Art Director, USA
Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 18 campaign shot by Jin & Dana, a refreshing take on fashion photoshoots, featuring an all-Asian cast in front and behind the cameras.
Madalina Gaceanu, Photographer, Romania
Fresh out of university, living between Romania, Barcelona and London, capturing life, fashion, travels and anything in between in digital and analog format.⁣⁣
Shern Sharma, Director, USA
Director Shern Sharma creates immersive content for brands and artists. Natural light, choreographed with considered and meaningful stories make for a lovely portfolio.
Shervin Etaat, Animator, USA
From the legendary Parks and Recreation to The Simpsons, Shervin Etaat has skillfully applied his animation artistry to the shows that shaped the TV and the generations to come.
"What draws me to Animation is its limitless potential, to create something from nothing and engage people in a new reality. The magic of it all still always excites me. I try to see the fantastic in the ordinary, and apply that to my work. I'm always looking forward to incorporating hand made qualities and aesthetics into dynamic, and innovative animated projects."
Mathieu Drouet, Photographer, France
Mathieu is a French documentary and fine art photographer based in Valencia, Spain and Newfoundland, Canada. He is currently working on social, territory and history subjects. With his camera at hand he challenges all the clichés and topoi associated with specific places by capturing the reality of everyday.
Rich Caraballo, Illustrator, USA
When ink becomes acute political commentary. Rich Caraballo, creative director, designer illustrator creates the memoir of USA in the era of 45. 
His experience includes working with clients such as 2 Player Productions, 8bitpeoples, IMVU, Inc., BBE Records, Rappers I Know, Burton Snowboards, Mojang AB (Minecraft), Choice Provisions, Inc., National Audubon Society, Counter Records, Ninja Tune, HOT 97, Living Villages (UK), The Oxford American, Outside in Music (OiM), Hyundai Motor Company, The Verge (Vox Media)

Team Credits

Tasos Kosmatopoulos

  • Founder , Director of Ankofilms video production

Charlie Thorne

Ivan Hugo


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Ash K Halliburton
Creative director
Tasos Kosmatopoulos
Founder , Director of Ankofilms video production