Falmouth University, BA(Hons) Graphic Design

  • Matthew Hooper
  • Claudia Aggett
  • Rebecca Green
  • Gregory FitzeHorswell
  • Alexander Forsey
  • Priya Mistry
  • Emma Baker
  • Megan Fry
  • Natty Hawkings
  • Fee Walter
  • Dinara Charyyarova
  • Emil Evans
The course aims to produce adaptive and curious thinkers who can respond to the continually evolving societal and business needs of our contemporary world with purposeful and innovative graphic design solutions. Personal development and direction is nurtured through our studio community, so they can build the reflective, intellectual, critical and craft skills appropriate for their idea and its delivery; to provoke change and challenge the creative industry and the subject's future.

D&AD Bike Hire scheme, 45rpm
Claudia Aggett, claudiaaggett@hotmail.co.uk
D&AD Amazon Audible
Kai Barnett, kai.barnett@aol.com
36 days to Type
Marius Trinkunas, trinkunasmarius@gmail.com
Rachel Davies, rachelmdavies@yahoo.co.uk
Isolation Creation book
Megan Freeman, meg.falgraphics@gmail.com
Unite the Divide
Amy Whittaker, amywhitt27@gmail.com
Oliver Bonas campaign
Freya Umataliev, freyajoy@gmail.com
Souk, Syrian soul food
Catrin Bishop, catrinbishop@live.co.uk
Sympth, contemporary hearing aids
Corin Mynett, corinmynett@gmail.com
Type Experiments
Ed Tucker, edwardt@hotmail.co.uk
Welbeck typeface
Brooke Warner, brookeegwarner@gmail.com
World Health Organisation & The Whopper
Mollie Baker, m.g.baker@hotmail.com
D&AD Intel campaign
Fee Walter, feewalter@hotmail.com
SHIFT Sustainable life styles
Matt Hooper, m.oop.designer@gmail.com, Anna Lura annalura12@gmail.com, & Tom Dudley tomdud.ota@gmail.com