Fat Lad. Change Gear.

  • James Smith
  • Paul Mellor
  • Max Cannon
  • Joe Giacomet

How do you get non-cyclists to ride in their Sunday best? Insight It’s not the cyclist who’s letting the side down, it’s often their bike gear. And that’s a problem. Our idea Constantly pulling down a jersey to cover their arse, chaffing nipples and sore wotsits… these aren’t the things encouraging someone to jump on their bike. It’s time to change gear. Fame The campaign created a 135% increase in web traffic to the Fat Lad website (compared to YoY). So not only did all the sales numbers go up, so did social engagement and their newsletter sign ups. Lovely jubbly. Media Multiple OOH sites all over London, Press and Social Media (including Fat Lad's 50k strong community on Facebook).

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