Fentimans Mixers Campaign

  • Simon Hewitt
  • Dan Savidge
  • Laura Gilbert
  • Ayla de Moraes
  • Russell Weaver

We started working with Fentimans late last year and this is our first campaign for them, launching their Mixers range. Below is a sneak peak into how we approached the work, and look out for the posters (and the drinks themselves!) on a highstreet near you. The big opportunity - Fentimans are known for their vintage bottles, distinctive flavours and country-garden vibe.  Mixers is a fast-growing category - shaken up by Fever Tree over a decade ago, buoyed by the rise of craft gin, and now anyone's for the taking. The big thinking - As a rule, brands shouldn’t talk too much about what they do, but about why the customer should care. Fentimans is the exception that proves that rule. Every bottle is crafted by one man in Northumberland. It takes weeks to infuse and brew each one. So we shifted from talking about flavour, to unashamedly celebrating their process. And created a world that celebrates this craft, this process, this alchemy.

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