Laura Gilbert

Laura Gilbert

Account DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Laura Gilbert

Laura Gilbert

Account DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Few things please me more than a smart, slick campaign and I’ll do all I can to nurture it. Strengths + I’m very calm. To the point where I’ll get told to panic (and politely refuse). + I love and respect (decent) strategy. Nothing gets you to a more effective campaign. + I’m a multi-tasker. I have a toddler and a four year old. Enough said. 
Weaknesses - Everything must be clean, neat and straight. Or else. - Cats. If there’s a chance of getting one in a campaign, strategy goes out the window.
  • Amazon Fashion - Say Something Nice
    Amazon Fashion - Say Something NiceThis was a campaign that really mattered to me personally. We constantly judged and are judged by others about our fashion choices and this often has a huge affect on our self esteem. It was time to talk about this and acknowledge that this isn't right. We wanted to empower our consumers to feel confident to wear what they want and express themselves through fashion. To #looklikeyou. We collaborated with Europe's most loved fashion influencers to get this message across in a really honest, trut
  • McDonald's - Eggs, Coffee & Spandau Ballet
    McDonald's - Eggs, Coffee & Spandau BalletA dream of a campaign to work on. Beautifully simple visuals, cracking music and two unfair perceptions about McDonald's breakfasts blown out of the water.
  • Amazon Fashion - Stylist in Residence
    Amazon Fashion - Stylist in Residence#looklikeyou Collaborating with some of fashion's most influential, stylish bloggers and in close partnership with our lovely client, we created short, snappy and seriously useful videos, giving tips about how you can style your wardrobe to #looklikeyou. We proudly celebrated individual style.
  • McDonald's & Roald Dahl
    McDonald's & Roald DahlA bit of a departure from McDonald's usual style, but when you have the opportunity to bring the magic of Roald Dahl to life, this just felt right. We had a great team, a great client and we ended up with some great work.
  • Co-op Food- This Is Important Bread & Bacon of Enormous Significance
    Co-op Food- This Is Important Bread & Bacon of Enormous SignificanceA campaign that still makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Seemingly mundane food items often play significant roles in our lives and this campaign aimed to celebrate that. From the bread that says sorry, to milk that gives mum and dad a few moments together, we wanted to show how important these products can be. And how reasonably-priced Co-op keep them because of that.
  • Co-op Legal Services - The Importance of Empathy
    Co-op Legal Services - The Importance of EmpathyThis was the first campaign for this division of Co-op and we felt it was critical to create work that was true to their purpose and reason for being. It's a difficult topic to cover, as people don't like to think about or understand the intricacies of legal issues, so this ad was designed to highlight the empathy Co-op Legal Services had for its customers' struggles and needs.
Projects credited in
  • Fentimans Mixers Campaign
    Fentimans Mixers CampaignWe started working with Fentimans late last year and this is our first campaign for them, launching their Mixers range. Below is a sneak peak into how we approached the work, and look out for the posters (and the drinks themselves!) on a highstreet near you. The big opportunity - Fentimans are known for their vintage bottles, distinctive flavours and country-garden vibe.  Mixers is a fast-growing category - shaken up by Fever Tree over a decade ago, buoyed by the rise of craft gin, and now anyo
Work history
    JWT logo
    JWT logo
    Global Account DirectorJWT
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    I looked after the global work for KitKat, working with up to 36 different JWT local teams all around the world. Campaigns had to be culturally relevant, creatively entertaining and globally consistent, so involved collaborating closely with each local JWT team, the Global Nestle lead in Vevey and the local client team. A complicated but gratifying balance to strike.
    Deep Focus London logo
    Deep Focus London logo
    Account DirectorDeep Focus London
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Amazon Fashion I led the social media activity, managing a team with a busy schedule of weekly, monthly and annual campaigns, working with our senior client to keep everything within a set annual budget. It was a new brand with huge ambition and the creative put forward was equally ambitious, challenging consumer and societal perceptions. I had a brilliant rapport with our CD and loved creating boundary-pushing ideas. I also looked after four other accounts alongside this, just to keep things interesting.
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    2:1 LLB LAW
     - London, United Kingdom
    Surprisingly useful for advertising and marketing. I learnt how to analyse, debate, critique, negotiate, persuade and ultimately sell, all in a diplomatic and polite manner. I also got to spend my third year in Strasbourg, where I studied European Law and worked as a Stagiere at the European Parliament.