Golborne Road Project – M.i.h Jeans

Art Direction, Branding + Casting.
Photography - Tom Craig, Styling - Bay Garnett
Exploring M.i.h Jeans’ and iconic stylist Bay Garnett’s shared love of London style. Influenced by West London’s diverse heritage and its iconic street culture in the 90s. Shot on the streets of West London, both the branding and imagery embrace the unique and eclectic spirit of the time.
Objective – To create an almost stand-alone subbrand with its own identity and campaign that sits comfortably within M.i.h Jeans, without swaying from its core values and established visual identity.
To story board and art direct a film that is engaging, fun and captures the spirit of the capsule just as much as that of the brand.
An identity within an identity that shows versatility and adds layers to an ever evolving lifestyle brand.


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