Google Market Finder

  • Matt Booy
  • Matt Thomas
  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Alice Cappo
  • Emily Shorvon

Helping businesses break into the global market. With traditional trade barriers being disrupted by advancements in e-commerce, Google’s multi award-winning Market Finder platform provides a free and in depth tool to help businesses easily identify new customers, plan for success, and grow their export sales around the world. Market Finder has quickly become one of Google’s largest, most collaborative and most effective products to date, helping hundreds of thousands to strategise their reach to brand new customers abroad. Weaving data trends, market insights and optimisation elements into the fabric of the site, Market Finder gives business owners relevant advice, tools and resources to help take their trade to the next level. By integrating search, economic, and consumer behaviour data, we created a market suggestion tool tailored to the individual businesses and requirements. A wealth of operational and marketing articles are kept up to date by export specialists, providing businesses the invaluable information they need to take their business to the world. Google Market Finder simplifies the move from local to international trade, providing a straightforward walkthrough and assessment; suitable for business of all shapes and sizes.