GUAP Magazine Issue 12 - The Faceless Edition

  • Ibrahim Kamara
  • Regina Jaiy
  • Zweli Chibumba
  • Ashleigh Brown
  • Jide Adetunji
Having Everything Revealed, may seem like a juxtaposition when people think of H.E.R; but after encountering such a California native, you understand that completely sums H.E.R up.
Known to the world as H.E.R, the emerging songstress has breathed new life into the RnB world unencumbered by the usual focus on image. H.E.R teaches us now more than ever that music surpasses the usual boundaries and borders.
Someone who has experienced life in a way that they can convey that experience to the masses and have such an effect without focusing on the psychical should be applauded.
H.E.R’s music shows us that you should be confident in who you are and what your abilities are because there is always an audience for your talent. She reveals and breakdowns that the vulnerability and the essence of who she is is shown through her music and that her music is essentially who she is.

This was H.E.R's debut magazine cover worldwide. To shoot this, we gave the opportunity to young photographer Dazhane Leah, who was also shooting her first magazine cover with us.
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